Ethical Student Travel

Protecting children and communities



Join us to explore ethical service and volunteering, and the ethics and impact of orphanage tourism.

Overseas student travel, volunteering and service have exploded in popularity over the past decade. While schools and universities have the best of intentions - often these activities can cause unintentional harm to children and communities.

In 2016, 14% of Australian schools had an association with an orphanage overseas, and over 50% of all Australian universities advertised orphanage placements as part of their international volunteering opportunities.

More than 8 million children live in institutions globally, despite the fact that approximately 80% of these children have family who could care for them given the right support. As a major contributor to the supply chain of people, money and resources that drive the global orphanage industry, tourism and orphanage volunteering is creating a demand for 'orphans' and 'orphanages'.

Join us to explore the challenges and complexities of protecting both travelling children, and children in host communities in the context of student travel. Taking a deeper look at child protection through the lens of orphanage tourism, and its links to modern slavery, this event will help ensure student travel experiences help, not harm local communities.

Hear from government, child protection experts, advocates and travel organisations to understand what needs to change for schools and universities engaging with children and communities overseas. It's time to learn about best practice in protecting children overseas.



London - Wednesday 6th March 2019

Manchester - Thursday 7th March 2019

Atlanta - Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Toronto - Saturday 6th April 2019